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    If you want to place your child into a child care program but don’t know which one to choose, we hope you consider the Montessori Method. The Montessori Method is built upon the philosophy that children are naturally curious and have a desire to learn. Montessori teaching stimulates and encourages this desire through an environment where learning comes naturally to the child.

    A Balanced Approach to Childcare in St. Louis

    One of the great benefits of choosing the Montessori Method for your child is that they will be receiving a balanced educational experience. Some of the areas we focus on include the following:

    • Language
    • Mathematics
    • Culture
    • Enrichment activities
    • Sensorial exercises

    Developmentally Appropriate Curriculum

    One thing parents should never have to worry about is if their child is going to be placed in an environment that may be difficult for them to keep up with. At Child Care St. Louis, we work to make sure each child receives a developmentally appropriate curriculum that fits their needs and learning style.

    Summer Fun Programs

    At Child Care St. Louis, we are not your typical St. Louis child care center. We provide your child with the highest quality learning experience available. For instance, during the months of June, July, and August, we offer a summer camp program. This experience is provided to help your child grow through various social and learning activities.

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